Sister Light™ Certification Program

Elevate. Embody. Evolve.

Sister Light™ guides women to their divine power and light to heal and transform the world.

The empowerment of women, embodying their joy, passion and light, will lead to the evolution of the human race and truly clear the path for the New Earth to become a reality on this planet. For centuries, millennia even, we as women have given up our power. In some cases it was taken violently from us, in other cases we chose to give it up as our spiritual leaders and holy books told us to.  Shame, doubt, fear, roles, labels and self-judgment also chipped our sacred power away.

Women supporting one another was the way of the past, and it is the way of the future. Women in community was not only imperative to physical survival, but also created the container for emotional and spiritual support, leading the way to true fulfillment and happiness. We, as women, must create the support we need. We cannot do it alone. We need our sisters, friends, mothers, daughters and elders. Let's remember, return, and honor the wisdom of collaboration, community and sacred sisterhood.

The Sister Light™ Certification Program is designed to elevate and empower women so that they may in turn facilitate the elevation and whole health of other women.

In this program you will deepen your own understanding of these practices, as well as gain the tools to facilitate:

  • Meditation Practices – How to tailor meditation practices for specific needs, goals, healing, health and challenges.

  • Women’s Circles – How to lead Circle for any type of group, workshop or retreat.

  • Intuitive development – How to increase your own intuitive ability and teach others to do the same.

  • Ritual and Ceremony – How to use and lead ancient practices to facilitate personal and collective transformation.

  • Mantra, Mudras and Pranayama – How to use sacred sound, hand positions and breath work to manipulate pranic energy to increase healing benefits.

  • Chakra Balancing – How to accurately read and treat chakra imbalances in self and others.

  • Gratitude Practices – How to lead/teach powerful gratitude practices to raise the vibration in any person or situation.

  • Forgiveness Practices – How to lead/teach practices to harness the power of forgiveness.

  • Self-care, Self-love and Joy Practices – How to lead/teach practices to return to our truest and happiest state of being.

The 2019 Sister Light™ Certification Program is a four month program facilitated by Bethany Joy and Jessalynn Hakenson and will start in the Fall of 2019. Contact us to apply. Space is strictly limited.