Priestess Codes To Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts

9 Week  Initiation

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This is a laser-focused and inspired plan to take you from self-doubt, fear, and isolation to fully embracing and sharing your spiritual gifts with the world.

Let me guide you in unlocking and integrating your unique gifts so that you can fulfill your Soul Mission and live your highest, embodied, and most fulfilling life.


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Are you ready to awaken your dormant spiritual gifts?

Would you LOVE to stop sacrificing who you are and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY stepping into your brilliance as a wise Priestess living in her highest potential and power, ready to share your gifts with the world? Do you want to have the courage to take the leap and start using your spiritual gifts as your mission and career?

If So, The Priestess Codes to Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts 9-week Initiation is what you’ve been yearning for.

In this program, I will help you go from questioning yourself to awakening your gifts and abilities. You will move into living a deeply aligned life without sacrificing who you truly are.

I will support you to be able to unleash your greatest gifts and  wisdom to share with the World.


You know that you contain spiritual gifts buried deep with you, but aren’t sure how to awaken or utilize them…  


You are needed in your unapologetic Fullness.  

You are needed in your diamond-like Purity.  

And you are needed in your pristine Power.  

ENOUGH playing small, ENOUGH living in the shadow of others, ENOUGH fearing your own strength and power. 

How are you supposed to embark upon your Soul Mission if you are sacrificing yourself, hiding, or suppressing your gifts? 

Your spiritual gifts are the VERY KEYS to your Soul Mission, and these gifts are what will enable you to make a massive impact on the world.

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  • Do you have an inner knowing that you have an important Soul Mission on the Earth at this time?
  • Do you feel that there are many, many more people you are meant to be serving?
  • Do you receive dreams and messages concerning the important role you are meant to play as a light leader and peaceful warrior?
  • Do you know that you have a monumental destiny…but you’re just not sure how to get from where you are now to the spiritual powerhouse you are meant to be?

In 2024 We are all being initiated and prepared for our next level of embodiment, mastery, devotion and love. 

This training is a laser-focused way of igniting and honing your gifts so that you can put them into practical application NOW. 

We are in a time that is RIPE for those who are ready and called. 

Do you hear the call? 

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Are you ready to unleash your greatest gifts and  wisdom to share with the World?

I can help because I’ve been there...


Not that long ago, I was in your shoes.

The early days were confusing and heart-wrenching.

I was drowning in self-doubt, shame that I wasn’t “healed” enough yet to help, and fear of what others would think of me if I truly owned all of my innate power, wisdom, and grace. I wondered if I was worthy of the calling I felt within me, and I also wondered if I was delusional! I remember watching Wonder Woman on an airplane with tears streaming down my face, and wondering why the other passengers who were watching the movie were not as moved as me? I remember thinking, "WHO the heck am I, and WHY am I here???!"

If this resonates with you...

I would love to offer you a road map to become laser-focused on creating a life and career that helps thousands awaken, heal, and thrive.

Let me show you how to REMEMBER who you are and fully step into your spiritual gifts and power. Your spiritual gifts are the VERY keys to your Soul Mission, and these gifts are what will enable you to make a career out of your mission!

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Your spiritual gifts are the VERY KEYS to your Soul Mission, and these gifts are what will enable you to make a massive impact on the world.



January 28th - April 21st
(9 meetings & modules held over the course of 3 months)
Personal coaching with me, guided priestess journeys, your own Priestess app to listen to the teaching and meditation anywhere, any time, Priestesses of the Isis-Magdalene Rose community with your wise and powerful peers, and discounts on Priestess Pilgrimages. 
🌹 9 Weekly Group Coaching Calls To Personalize Your Needs and Practice.
🌹 Guided Priestess Meditations
🌹 Divinely inspired step-by-step 3 month plan to awaken your unique spiritual gifts and divine blueprint
🌹 Library of exercises, meditations, and embodiment classes that you will be able to come back to whenever your soul needs it.
🌹A deeply supportive app community So You Don’t Quit Until You See The Results.
Exclusive Bonuses
Be one of the first 12 founding members to access these bonuses led by Bethany & guests.
🌹  Discounted Monthly Coaching: Including Access To New Content in the Priestesses of the New Earth School & Sanctuary
🌹 Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls After The 9-week Initiation.

🌹 The Exclusive Community (Priestesses of the New Earth School & Sanctuary) To Hold You Accountable in Anchoring in Your Spiritual Gifts. 
🌹 ADDITIONAL BONUS discounts to upcoming Priestess Pilgrimages and Trainings.
 Each of our offerings is uniquely curated with pricing tailored to fit an array of personal requirements. Whatever your need, we've got a package just for you.
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Hello, I'm Bethany Joy.

Bethany is the founder and creator of the Priestess of the New Earth Embodiment Temple. She is also a passionate teacher, spiritual mentor and guide. For more than 16 years she has guided lightworkers, starseeds, empaths, and earth angels to clear their energies, reclaim their feminine power, and live their highest, embodied selves.

Bethany was raised in upstate New York in a very religious family. Growing up she had a deep love of God, but always felt something was off with what she was being taught. She had mystical experiences at an early age in which she was shown that “God” was much greater than one holy book or lineage.

At age 19 Bethany started to explore different spiritual paths and teachings. She was disillusioned with the greed of the U.S. and spent large portions of the next decade living in Nicaragua working in orphanages. 

At age 27 Bethany was working in NYC as a professional dancer when she was introduced to mystic, yogi and Universal Kabbalah Master Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. This opened her to a whole new world of Truth.

Bethany’s insatiable quest for Truth led her study under yogis, shamans, and mystics around the world. Yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light - that we all have within.

She is passionate about guiding women in their path to awakening their dormant gifts so that they can become leaders of light, spirit and love. Today Bethany leads courses, retreats and classes for women who are seeking to live a more empowered, truth-filled and joyful life. This brings her great joy.

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🌹 Activate your dormant spiritual gifts

🌹 Learn how to hone, sharpen and channel your spiritual gifts 

🌹 Learn Sacred Boundaries to protect your gifts

🌹 Discover and awaken your Divine Blueprint. 

🌹 Receive a deeper connection to your heart and spiritual guides

🌹Prepare to turn your Soul Mission into your career. 

🌹 Confidently share your spiritual gifts with the world. Discover your soul's current unique calling and expression 

🌹 Be held in a powerful container and integration processes that will anchor and ground the initiations and transformations that have occurred 

🌹Truly live an enchanted and fulfilling life

🌹Make a massive impact on the world

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You know that there is massive transformation in store for you this year.

You know you are a part of a sacred timeline.

There has been a dormant seed within you that now has all of the right conditions to SPROUT INTO the fulfillment of your DIVINE BLUEPRINT.

Everything that has happened to you recently has propelled you to this very place and time.

This most sacred moment on the timeline of your life. This awakening, this encounter.

The moment is like a baby taking its first breath of Life outside the womb. Do you feel it?

For when the timing is aligned things that once felt like a struggle or uphill battle click into place effortlessly.

And when this happens, it is imperative to harness the forward-moving energy NOW, dear one.

Be courageous and take one step at a time forward knowing that the path will rise to meet you.

You are here. In this sacred pause.

And I am here, with my hand outstretched, ready and willing to help you through this process. This is my dharma and my gift. This is my joy and fulfillment.

To guide you, Priestess of Light, to awaken your gifts and step into the spiritual Leader that you are. The world needs you in your fullness.

Together we will walk through 9 activations (over 3 months). You will have a sacred Priestess-of-the-Rose tribe surrounding you. I will uphold the vision of your Highest Destiny and Divine Blueprint.

You will not fail.


The results speak for themselves...

Your spiritual gifts are the VERY KEYS to your Soul Mission, and these gifts are what will enable you to make a massive impact on the world.



Take a deeper look into the 9-Week Priestess Code Challenge
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AVAILABLE SOON Priestess App to Access this Challenge and Listen or Meditate Any time, Anywhere


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🌹 You are a Highly intuitive, spiritual woman

🌹 You are Open to knowing more deeply about yourself and your abilities.

🌹  You feel called to make a HUGE difference in this world

🌹  Want to hone your intuitive and psychic gifts

🌹  Want to activate your innate creative brilliance and genius

🌹  Drowning with Self Doubt

🌹 Sick of hiding who you really are for fear of rejection from your family

🌹  Want to stop playing small, and finally step into your power and divine gifts

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🚫 Not called to make a massive impact on the world

🚫 Not yet guided to step into your Power & Purpose

🚫 Not interested in helping others with your gifts

🚫 Not willing to take the Risk

🚫 Do not want to break the cycle of your current path




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3 Monthly Payment


Available only for Founding Members

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You are needed in your unapologetic Fullness.  


You are needed in your diamond-like Purity.  


And you are needed in your pristine Power.