There is an ancient practice that has been honored by wise, connected women in all corners of the Earth. Our culture has buried, shamed, and forgotten this practice, among many other Divine Feminine practice. 


This is a practice as natural as tending to soil, or nurturing a plant. Yet because of its qualities of Empowerment, Manifestation and Healing for and by women, Moon Blood Rituals were purposefully shamed and silenced. 


~Devotional Offering of your Moon Blood with change your life~


Your womb is a sacred portal, capable of bringing life into the physical realm. This portal contains a special kind of Life-Blood that not only heals physically, but also assists in cultivating Oneness, holiness and power.  


Working with the Blood Mysteries will greatly enhance your life. Learning how to honor your Moon Cycle and align with the cycles of the Universe will open and strengthen your Intuition, connection to your Higher Self and Mother Earth, as well as your ability to manifest from the Feminine – or flow- State.  


Moon Blood Rituals will assist in healing your relationship with your body, such as body and/or yoni shame and disgust, body dysmorphia, body hatred, and disconnection to your beloved body’s needs.  


By creating a monthly devotional offering of your Moon Blood you will not only strengthen the Divine Feminine within and without, but you will clear decades, centuries, and even millennia of shame, guilt, disgust, pain, grief and powerlessness from your lineage and bloodline.  

I few months ago had a vision with Mary Magdalene where she gave me a scarlet rose and pressed my hand around the stem so that the thorns punctured my skin and I bled. I stared at my hand taking in the simultaneous pain and the beauty. The beauty of pain. The beauty of our life-blood dripping to the Earth. The exchange of DNA and information that occurs when our blood seeps into our Earth mother. She will then know how to care for us better. Any shaman will tell you that the relationship between ourselves and the Earth is symbiotic. We receive and we give. How can you give? With your gratitude, your prayers, your songs, your breath, and your moon blood. As women, we must return to the practice of offering our moon blood to the Earth. 

As a woman of 45, I grieve the 30+ years that I did not honor my cycle. My mother did not teach me these mysteries, because she did not know. To her, the menstrual cycle was both a curse and a blessing: a curse because of the monthly pain, yet also a blessing because she bore 4 children.  


She did not know that our menstrual blood contains the mysteries and powers of Creation. May we teach our children, nieces, godchildren, friends and grandchildren differently. May we return to the ancient wisdom that we hold in our bones. 



Your moon cycle is an experience of Death and Rebirth every month. In ancient -and still in many indigenous – societies, a woman’s moon time was respected and revered.  


It was understood that during their moon time, women were even more connected to the ancient mysteries, to oracular messages, visions, and wisdom that benefited the entire tribe and community.  


Although this magic and power was purposefully shamed and suppressed, we are in an era of remembering, integrating and channeling this power and wisdom like never before.  


The Earth needs YOU -womb-bearer – for in this time of darkness the greatest light shall shine.  

In this workshop you will learn how to devotionally offer your Moon Blood in: 




What if I have no womb? What if I am menopausal? What if I do not bleed? 

The Feminine principle is in all of Creation. If you have never bled, no longer do, do not have a womb, your intention of honoring the womb-mysteries is urgently needed. Support others during their moon-cycle, teach others this wisdom, gather with other women, and honor your own monthly cycles, and ebbs and flows. Connect with the moon. A return to the Sacred is the way through the dark-night-of-the-Soul that humanity is passing through. Be a way-shower, and live in reverence to ancient wisdom, and the sacredness of the womb. 


In addition, elder women in the Celtic tradition were revered as the wisest as they permanently retained their “wisdom blood”. 


In a Native American sweatlodge I partook of years ago, menstruating women were not allowed in the sweat – not because they were “unclean”, but because their energy was so powerful at this time, that it would override the energy/intention the shaman was creating. 


It is time to honor your menstrual cycle for the sacred magic you possess.  

Why Mary Magdalene? 


Mary Magdalene's wisdom and power are fiercely present on the Earth today. Have you been curious about her? Have you felt her? Has she come to you? Have you seen her in your dreams or meditations? Do you notice posts about her? Have you been given, or purchased, books about her?  

Mary Magdalene is part of a mystical Divine Feminine lineage that reaches from today back through the times of Ancient Egypt. These teachings have been kept underground for millennia -for fear of death, ostracization, among other atrocities-, yet have been re-emerging during our era. Not only is as it safe for these teachings to now come to the Light, but they are also in alignment with prophesies that these truths are needed at this extremely pivotal juncture in human history.  

Mary Magdalene was a woman “whole unto herself”, a High Priestess of the Temple (tantric) Arts, Transmitter of Heiros Gamos guiding us in the path of Sacred Union, and supported the spread of Christ Consciousness through her spiritual gifts and material wealth. 

She is said to have been member of the mystical Essene community, keepers of the prophesy and bloodline of the Christ. 

Mary was said to be the beloved wife and equal of Yeshua, and the greatest supporter of his mission. Within Gnostic Christianity, Mary Magdalene was known as the “Apostle of the Apostles”.  

In 2016 the Vatican issued a formal apology for demeaning and slandering Mary Magdalene for centuries, calling her a whore and intentionally omitting her words and perspective from the gospel. July 22nd was dedicated in her honor as her holy Feast Day.  

Gnostic Christians teach of the Magdalenes, a sacred order of Priestesses who were initiated into the Feminine Path of God-realization by Mary Magdalene herself. The Magdalenes were women of wealth and power, steeped in mystical knowledge, Sacred Love, and the healing arts.  

The Blood Mysteries are one of the practices understood and embraced by not only the Magdalenes, but women and cultures connected to Nature and the Mystic Healing Arts across the face of the Earth. In our culture these sacred practices have been almost entirely wiped out. It is time to now re-member and honor the power of our womb and womb-blood, and fully embody the Divine Feminine expressions that we are.  

The Moon Blood Workshop will help you to: 






Bethany Joy 


Bethany's insatiable quest for Truth led her study under yogis, shamans, and mystics around the world. Yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light - that we all have within.


Bethany connects deeply with the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt and has studied with adepts and masters of this lineage since 2005.


She is humbled to be a student-sister of Mary Magdalene, Isis and Mother Mary. Through their guidance, she has come to understand that the energies of the Venus Path, Rose Lineage and Beauty Way are crucial medicine for the times that we live in, and embodying this essence is a key factor in birthing our New Earth

“A woman’s ability to bleed without dying was considered a magical power and it was understood that her oracular senses heightened during this dark moon time, when the mystical stem cells encoded with the wisdom of creation had peaked in their fullness and were being shed from her body to be offered back to the Earth for the well-being of the entire community.”  



This workshop was originally only meant for the Priestesses of the New Earth Membership, but Bethany received the internal guidance to open it up to all members of our community, as this medicine is greatly needed on the Earth at this time.  


Enjoy this special opportunity at a discounted price!