About Bethany

Bethany was raised in upstate New York in a very religious family. Growing up she had a deep love of God, but always felt something was off with what she was being taught. She had mystical experiences at an early age in which she was shown that “God” was much greater than one holy book or lineage.

At age 19 Bethany started to explore different spiritual paths and teachings. She was disillusioned with the greed of the U.S. and spent large portions of the next decade living in Nicaragua working in orphanages. 

At age 27 Bethany was working in NYC as a professional dancer when she was introduced to mystic, yogi and Universal Kabbalah Master Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga. This opened her to a whole new world of Truth.

Bethany’s insatiable quest for Truth led her study under yogis, shamans, and mystics around the world. Yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light - that we all have within.

Today Bethany leads courses, retreats and classes for women who are seeking to live a more empowered, truth-filled and joyful life. This brings her great joy.

Bethany is a mama to three magical children and currently resides in Nashville, TN.




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