Remember and Awaken your Dormant Spiritual Gifts 

Rise up, Priestess. You are a sacred gift to the world.

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What is a Modern-day Priestess?


The role of the Priestess in modern day is the same as in times past. She is a door between the mundane and spiritual worlds, an oracle, and a vision-holder. She is a servant of the Light, and an extension of Love.

Have people told you throughout your life – perhaps a grandmother, perhaps a psychic – that you are called to do great things upon this Earth? Do you feel you are a healer, a seer, a mystic, a wise one, an old soul, a starseed?

Deep down do you know that there is Greatness, Magic and Purpose within you just waiting to burst forth?

  • Are you terrified to let this power through?
  • Are you petrified of being seen or exposed?
  • Are you afraid to let your inner vision birth?
  • Does your own power scare you? Are you afraid you may misuse it?

Dear Priestess, there has never been a safer time in history to come forth.

  • To let yourself be seen.
  • To unearth the treasures within.
  • To share your innate gifts.

These gifts are connected to your life-purpose on this planet! And many people are waiting for you to share them.

Have you considered that you have soul contracts and agreements with other humans on this planet who are waiting patiently for you to share your gifts? They may be students, colleagues, lovers, children…

Your Light is not meant to be hidden. Your gifts are meant to be awakened, honored and shared.

Join this Sisterhood to remember who you are, why you came here, and how to awaken and use your gifts. 

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You know things need to change...

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… you’re tired of suppressing your spiritual gifts for fear that you will be shamed and judged

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… you’re sick of hiding who you really are for fear of rejection from your family 

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… you want to stop playing small, and finally step into your power and divine gifts


Priestess of the New Earth Temple

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This monthly membership guides you in how to awaken your dormant gifts and finally live your highest, embodied, and most fulfilling life 


The membership includes access to...

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LIVE Embodiment Classes

These classes teach you how to develop and channel your divine energy and strength to  manage day to day challenges.

Some of our most popular embodiment classes include:.

  • Yoga to Clear the Aura & Energy
  • Sensual Bellydance
  • "Forge, don't Follow"
  • Yoga for Empaths

Transmissions and Activations to awaken your inner High Priestess.

Monthly guided meditations are encoded with transmissions to active your gifts, as well as remove internal blocks holding you back from your sacred power and passion.

Here's some popular meditations included in your membership:

  • The Beauty Way
  • Womb Magik
  • Meditation to Take Your Power Back
  • Healing the Sister Wound
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Monthly Teachings

(Zoom) with Bethany held live monthly. All Circles are recorded. 

Popular topics include:

  • Merkabah Activation

  • Honoring the Moon

  • Tools of Protection

  • Chakra Activation

Exclusive Bonuses

Be the first to have access to limited events, such as retreats, workshops, and pilgrimages led by Bethany & guests.

Here's other special bonuses included in you membership

  • Audio Teachings on topics such as: Tools of Protection and Honoring the Moon
  • Library of exercises, meditations and embodiment classes that you will be able to come back to whenever your soul needs it
  • Free access to "Meditation for Beginners" Course
  • Sisterhood Circle for support and community
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Hello, I'm Bethany.

Bethany is the founder of Bethany Joy and the creator of Priestess of the New Earth Embodiment Temple. She is also a passionate teacher, spiritual mentor and guide. For more than 12 years she has guided lightworkers, starseeds, empaths, and earth angels to clear their energies, reclaim their feminine power, and live their highest, embodied selves. Bethany has studied under yogis, shamans, indigenous peoples, and mystics around the world.

She is passionate about guiding women in their path to awakening their dormant gifts so that they can become leaders of light, spirit and love. Today Bethany leads courses, retreats and classes for women who are seeking to live a more empowered, truth-filled and joyful life. This brings her great joy.

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The results speak for themselves...

I’ve so been enjoying the live classes and really love that I can listen to the recorded sessions anytime. I try to wake each morning and do something, even if it’s only for 20 min! I’m deep in healing and the Priestess Membership has been such a blessing to me!


Jacci M
Thank God for the membership is all I can say. I love being able to go back and watch and sometimes rewatch things. I am grateful for your ongoing support and presence in my life!


Birdie T
I am doing my first yoni steaming today! I was inspired by your video! Thank you for showing up in my life as such a beautiful incredible and divine.


Desiree R
Bethany is a shining light in this Universe and overflowing with wisdom born from her life experiences...she has certainly assisted me as I travel my journey of healing.
Janelle E


Here's what you get when you join.

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Instant access to the Priestess of the New Earth Membership
(value = $47)
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Lifetime updates for as long as you are a member
(value = $109)

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A Library of over 50 yoga classes, guided meditations, teachings and videos
(value = $4450)

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BONUS: Meditation for Beginners 4 week Course
(value = $97)
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Weekly LIVE Embodiment classes
(value = $129)
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LIVE Monthly Priestess Calls with Bethany
(value = $199)

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Monthly Teachings Included:

 (with new modules added each month)

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The Results Speak for Themselves...

Thank you for the class! It was actually incredible to feel myself, to feel my cells, and so much of my body that I have not even felt in many, many months. So nourishing, thank you.


Naomi H
Just wanted to say thank for what you do and are. For showing up and holding deep space and all the things you are and practice.
Grateful for you 


Mary D
Hello, thanks for the embodiment class today and for the ceremony.. Today especially really helped me to feel grounded before an intense interview. So has all the talk about surrendering and "thy will be done". The grasping at outcomes was making me miserable!


Christina L.
Today's practice really shifted things for me. I’m feeling so supported and held now. It truly helped me connect in w/ my heart and spiritual support team. I often think of my heart, and body, as the gateway and feel my priestess calling and lineage. Feeling humbleness yet the beautiful power of the heart and love and my body as the temple. Love you temple sister! So thankful for your presence in my life!

Dear Priestess,

You have traveled this path many lifetimes. This is not new. This is not for you to “learn”, this is for you to remember. To awaken to your strength, brilliance, wonder and awe. The commune with Gaia, the Stars, the Seasons, the cycles of Earth and Time.

To remember the alchemies and mysteries of energies, of sexuality, and of your own Divinity.

To call back pieces of your SOUL that have been scattered throughout the Earth. 

There is a glorious rapturous transformation taking place on your planet, if you would just see it as so. The Birthing of the Ages. The Birthing of a new Golden Age. Through Birth there is great pressure, there is blood, there is a stretching like we have never known. There is INITIATION. There is surrender.

Do not grow weary during the birthing process, my loves. Inhale the fullness of each repose to collect your nourishment, strength and rest, knowing you will be going into another wave of birth.

With each wave the dawn grows closer. You are getter there. WE are getting there! Together we are birthing the New Earth.

Arise, Priestess!

Together we are birthing the New Earth

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