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Hi my loves! Our original retreat in January was snowed/iced out, so we've switched it to March which is SO yummy as here in Tennessee Spring will be emerging! Some of our guest teachers have changed, so scroll to the bottom to check out our new AH-mazing teachers. I really am honored to have all of them. We are in for a Treat!!
Also, have you heard the predictions that during 2024 (continuing through April 2026) our world will continue to experience the massive upheavals that started in 2020?
That the Earth and humanity are in a time of great challenges and purification?
That the corrupt power systems that have been in place for millennia are being exposed and collapsing?
"Everything not based on Divine Love will collapse.
Everything not based upon Divine Wisdom will collapse.
Everything not based upon Divine Truth will collapse."
-Dr. Levry
As a light worker, your gifts are needed NOW.
Your light, compassion, love, and strength are needed NOW.
Your energetic, physical, and emotional bodies need to be as healthy and balanced as possible NOW.
Why? In 2024 you will have more "work" helping and supporting others than ever before!
 (And P.S. If you have been getting the message to do your "Soul Work" full-time know you will have an overflow of work and abundance!)


The Embody Retreat is a gathering for those who know that we are in the midst of great global change, a time that has been prophesied about, and that WE are "the ones we've been waiting for".
We are the way-showers, healers, light workers, midwives, wise ones, light-bearers, and priestesses. 
We know that our medicine is to fully embrace and Embody humanity - in all of its juicy, glorious, perfect mess.


We understand that there is sacredness in every aspect of human existence, and we understand this vibration is one of the essential elements needed to heal humanity and therefore heal our planet.
JOIN US March 8th - 10th to awaken your Spiritual Gifts and prepare yourself for the waves of souls awakening this year. 






Embodiment means to have gnosis (direct personal experience) integrated into your physical human body in the Here & Now.


Inner Union is a sacred dance between our masculine & feminine energies, our light & shadow, our humanity & divinity.
These two sacred polarities that all humans possess - Masculine and Feminine, or Solar and Lunar - are energies that must come into mutual respect and balance. When this happens you attain great power, presence, and a healing affect on the world. This divine Inner Union creates genuine enlightenment and harmony in the mind and body. You become a living sacred temple of Light. 


During the Embody Retreat we engage in somatic practices like yoga, breath, sound, dance, connection with others, and connection with nature to anchor in the Inner Union teachings, transmissions and activations shared. 


HEAVEN ON EARTH is possible in the here and now through our precious human bodies and through relationships with one another. 
When: March 8th - 10th*

Time: Friday 6pm- 9pm*, Saturday 10am-8:30pm*, Sunday 10am-5pm*

Where: In-person at Evins Mill. 1.25 hours outside of Nashville, TN
 * All times listed are Central Standard Time - US Chicago. 



March 8- 10

to awaken your Spiritual Gifts 

and prepare yourself to assist

the waves of souls awakening this year




The Embody Retreat Weekend Includes:


  •  Inner Sacred Union Activations

  •  Fire & Water Ceremonies

  •  Yoga, Meditation & Mantra

  •  Sound Bath

  •  Medicine Bag Workshop

  •  Despacho Creation & Ceremony

  •  Embodied Breathwork Ceremony

  •  Hike to stunning, private waterfall

  •  Healing the Wounds of the Masculine Workshop

  •  Sacred Community, and more!


Total Value: $997



 Guest Teachers

IAYAALIS & Zaahruq

Sacred Union Egyptian Magik (Saturday) 
Brandon Raj Hamilton
Kundalini Yoga & Healing the Wounds of the Masculine (Sunday)
Mary Hyatt
Embodied Breathwork Ceremony (Saturday)
Kim Collins
Forest Bathing & Medicine Bag Creation (Sunday)
Magdalene Sloane Crandall 
Sound Bath

What others are saying 

“Thank you so, so much for an incredible retreat— I knew it would be amazing, but it exceeded my expectations!  I loved the combination of guided visualizations—which were incredible—breathwork, movement, and teachings, and the way every session flowed perfectly into the next. I experienced major releases that I didn’t know I needed, as well as surprising activations and newfound clarity. And during the retreat I had the most intense dreams and deep sleeps! Thank you, Queen, for such a phenomenal and generous experience! .”
— Kirstin Hotelling ZonA. Embody retreat participant
“Had a fantastic weekend at the Embody Retreat. Truly benefited from the breathwork, yoga and meditation.”
— Stacey Little Paydar. EMBODY RETREAT participant
“Wooowww… I cannot even tell you how powerful it was for me to have that space to remember my passions on what was a tough weekend for me. Thank you for welcoming in my vulnerability, and giving me the space. I felt a massive shift, so thank you so much for that.”
“I loved this weekend so much… helped me to believe that anything is possible”
— Jill R. EMBODY RETREAT participant
“Thank you – I feel like I can breathe for the first time in months.”
— Alicia H. EMBODY RETREAT participant
“I feel so grateful to have shared this weekend with you all. Such much awareness, release and growth… I love love love being part of this beautiful tribe. My weekend was awesome.”
— Deana B. EMBODY RETREAT participant

A Transformational Experience




March 8 -10, 2024



I'm delighted that the 7th annual EMBODY Retreat will once again be held at the gorgeous Evins Mill.
You have to the option to:
  • Stay overnight at Evins Mill* - 2 room left!
  • Stay overnight at nearby Airbnb's
  • Drive in & out 

            *Accommodations & meals not included. Call Evins Mill to book accommodations and meals. Space is extremely limited on-site, so book ASAP and tell them you are with The Embody Retreat with Bethany Joy at 615-269-3740. 

 “When making an investment, I ask myself, " Will my life change for the better with this investment?"

If I feel or hear a Yes, then I go for it... and if Big change is coming, the "Yes" usually has elements of excitement and terror mixed in! 



 Retreat Schedule

Friday evening opening ceremony includes a Fire Ceremony, yoga and meditation (with Bethany & Brandon) to peel away the layers of our subconscious and prepare for the activations shared throughout the weekend.
Saturday inclusions:
-Naam yoga & chakra clearing with Bethany
-Inner Union teachings with IAYAALIS & Zaahruq


-Despacho Creation & Ceremony with Bethany
- (optional) Hike to magnificent, private waterfall
-"Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts in 2024" with Bethany
- Embodied Breathwork Ceremony with Mary. 


- Sound Bath with Magdalene



Sunday inclusions:
-Opening with Bethany
-Healing the Wounds of the Masculine with Brandon
-Inner Union Kundalini Yoga and meditation with Brandon


-Forest Bathing and Medicine Bag Creation with Kim
-(optional) Hike to the magnificent private waterfall
-"Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts in 2024, Part 2" with Bethany
-Closing Inner Union ceremony & Sound Bath 











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