FALL 2024

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The wisdom of Ancient Egypt and the lost Goddess Traditions hold mystical keys for modern times. We need to remember the extremely advanced ways of living, speaking, moving and understanding that the ancients possessed.  

How did we lose these mysteries? The ways of the Goddess and Divine Feminine Wisdom were squelched, shamed and demonized when we moved into the Piscean Age (a 2,000 year cycle). This was the age of the patriarchy and shadow masculine dominance. The divine feminine ways were persecuted and had to therefor go hidden underground. Much of this ancient wisdom was passed in absolute secrecy in hidden mystical traditions and lineages. Many of these lineages can be traced back to ancient Egypt including the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage of Hathor, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and others.  
This is the path that has called me. Is it calling you?  
The Venusian Way of Love, Power & Sacred Union is a chamber to not only to learn the ancient mysteries and how to apply them in modern day life to seed the next Golden Age, but even more so a sacred chamber to remember, awaken and activate the oracular, visual, prophetic, etc. gifts that you have cultivated in other lifetimes. 
Many of you have lived and served in the temples of Hathor and Isis as priestesses, priests and adepts. Many of you have walked the Rose Path and sat at the feet of Yeshua and Mary Madgalene during their mission during Yeshua’s time Earthside. Many of you have practiced Sound Healing, Light Conception, the Oracular & Prophetic Arts, Sex Magic and more. 
We are not what we have been told. We are gods in human bodies. We have the capacity to see, hear, know and travel beyond our physical bodies and this physical world. Superhumans are real - they are simply humans like you and I who have activated, trained and integrated the dormant powers within. This does not at all happen overnight, yet it is 100% possible, and self-realized humans are acutely needed on the Earth at this time. In Ancient Egypt these abilities were fine- tuned, honored and practiced.  
The wisdom of the ancients is needed today. YOU are needed today. Rise up, priestess, and show the world what is possible. 




Every ancient civilization revered Venus and her powers of Beauty, Love, Grace and Harmony. Goddesses and deities representing Venus are found scattered throughout the Earth such as Lakshmi, Aphrodite, Oshun, Hathor, Quan Yin, etc. 
In Ancient Egypt the Venusian Way lineage - or Rose Path -  is that of Hathor, Isis, and Mary Magdalene. It is from this incredibly powerful Sun-lineage that esoteric wisdom awakened the superhuman – fully human and fully divine - within its adepts.  
Hathor governed during the Age of Taurus (4,000-2,000 BCE), Isis during the age of Aries (2,000 BCE – 33CE), Mary Magdalene (although much underground) during the Age of Pisces (33CE – 2,000CE). This anointing continues to present day, the Age of Aquarius, where we – the reborn priestesses of old- are needed to carry the mantel.  




Also called the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage, this path is unique in its dedication to Sacred Union, or the sanctified divine love force alchemized between the masculine and feminine that leads to enlightenment and Oneness. This is the path of erotic, human, love of the heart. This is a path that can - and must – be realized internally, as well as externally. Through divine union of our two most dynamic and fluctuating energies within, we attain what Yeshua called Mary Magdalene “anthropose" – or fully human and fully divine.  
In Ancient Egypt Priest Kings honored and revered the Oracular Priestess Queens. Together they strengthened and elevated their Ka bodies, awakening their Serpent Powers (Kundalini) to rise. Hathor’s sacred union counterpart was Ra, Isis’ was Osiris, and Mary Magdalene’s was Yeshua (Jesus).
Sacred Union can be cultivated internally, as well as with a partner.  
Soul longing for a celestial love union with a partner is not a selfish or base desire. No, the desire for Union and connection with the beloved is the most powerful force in the Universe. Why? Because the Oneness that is realized in Sacred Union is the Truth that all souls seek. Unification, union, and connection with the beloved mirrors the longing that Creatrix and Creation have for one another. Here the illusion is dropped, the veil is lifted, and the suffering of separation ceases. 
Many of the keepers of the Rose Lineage are themselves dedicated to achieving the ultimate love union possible in human form.  


Love, Power & Sacred Union includes:


1 opening ceremony 

5 in-person 1/2 day immersion trainings 

6 multi-media online modules  

6 initiations  

6 mastery practices  

The Venusian Way of Sacred Union online portal 

Mantras, prayers and visualizations for each teaching to incorporate into your daily spiritual practice. 

1 closing activation ceremony 


BONUS! 2 private sessions with Bethany ($500 value)


During this chamber we will travel through time and space to mentor with and walk alongside these goddesses and ascended masters. We will activate powers that they each specifically possess and apply them to our personal lives and personal temples. A full month will be spent with each of our sister-teachers during which time you will have a daily practice embodying their energy, wisdom, teachings and mysteries.  
In addition to our in-person time together and your online portal, Bethany will provide mantras, prayers and visualizations for each teaching to incorporate into your daily spiritual practice.  


Bethany Joy 

Bethany's insatiable quest for Truth led her study under yogis, shamans, and mystics around the world. Yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light - that we all have within.
Bethany connects deeply with the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt and has studied with adepts and masters of this lineage since 2005.
She is humbled to be a student-sister of Mary Magdalene, Isis and Mother Mary. Through their guidance, she has come to understand that the energies of the Venus Path, Rose Lineage and Beauty Way are crucial medicine for the times that we live in, and embodying this essence is a key factor in birthing our New Earth. 

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