Muévete is a 7-day beachfront retreat in beautiful Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

Held 2/7 - 2/13 2025

*with VIP extension on 2/14- 2/15, 2025*


Learn and center with daily meditation and yoga, Bachata dance classes led by famous local instructors, breathtaking excursions into nature, and sexy nights out dancing, all on the gorgeous beaches of Las Terrenas.

This retreat is a beautiful balance celebrating life through movement, nature, breath and community.

You will leave Muévete Dance Retreat with a greater knowledge of traditional Bachata, as well as a deeper connection to your inner knowing. We are so excited to provide you with a safe space to move physically, emotionally, and energetically.

It is our belief that dance is one of the most powerful medicines on the planet.


Moving one’s body through the medium of dance unlocks and frees stuck energies, opens our Life Force, awakens our sensual nature, and ignites our joy of life.

In indigenous cultures everyone dances and everyone sings. Everyone! Dance was not reserved for the “performers” or elite. In our culture, many of us have been shamed concerning dance – either we weren’t “good enough", it was shunned by our religion, we didn’t have a “dance body”, etc…

It is your birthright to move and enjoy your body in every way possible regardless of background, abilities, body type, gender or any other freakin' thing!

Join us for Muévete Retreat to celebrate movement, your body, dance, the ocean, sun and fun in a positive, supportive & loving environment.

This retreat is for ALL dance abilities. You can be an absolute beginner (have never danced bachata before, but always wanted to!), or you can be advanced. The teacher are adept at catering the classes so that everyone learns, enhances their dance skills, and has a super fun time doing so.


Start your beautiful morning 

with meditation, yoga, breath work and circle led by Bethany & Kyla, followed by Bachata dance class led by local expert teachers

Participate in as little or as much as you'd like.

Afternoons consist of 

enjoying the gorgeous beaches of Las Terrenas, exploring local treasures, lounging by the pool, or group excursions. 

In the evenings

we will circle up for dinner followed by dancing out on the town!

Again, participate in as little or much as you'd like.



February 7-13, 2025


· 7 days/6 nights accommodations in beautiful oceanfront accommodations*

· (2) fresh local meals per day

· Transportation to & from airport in Santo Domingo

· Morning meditation & yoga led by Bethany

·  Kyla's signature empowerment workshops 

· Daily bachata dance classes** by local expert teachers & Kyla

· Excursions to breathtaking waterfalls & local sites

· Sexy nights out dancing

· Optional excursions (additional fee): Snorkeling,  paddleboarding, kayak 


*Double occupancy. Single occupancy is available for an additional $695.

 **This retreat is for ALL dance abilities. You can be an absolute beginner (have never danced bachata before, but always wanted to!), or you can be advanced. The teacher are adept at catering the classes so that everyone learns, enhances their dance skills, and has a super fun time doing so.


**$700 non-refundable deposit. No refunds of any kind after January 1st. 



Bethany Joy is the creator of the Priestesses of the New Earth Embodiment Temple, and a passionate teacher, spiritual mentor, and guide. For more than 14 years she has guided lightworkers, starseeds, empaths and healers to reclaim their innate power and gifts to live as their highest, embodied selves. 

Bethany has studied under yogis, shamans, and mystics around the world. Yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light – and the immense wisdom we all hold within.

She is passionate about guiding women to awaken their dormant gifts so they can become the world's leaders of light, spirit, and love. Today, Bethany leads courses, retreats and programs for women who are seeking to live a more empowered, truth-filled, and joyful life. She is also the mama to three magical beings. Her life brings her great joy. 






Kyla Hallums is a traveling dance teacher, vocal coach, empowerment guide, and multi-discipline movement professional based out of Nashville, TN. While Kyla wears many hats and offers many forms of teaching and guidance, it’s simple: whether you’re working with her in dance, singing, embodiment, empowerment, or self-love, Kyla has a special way of connecting you to yourself. She’s put thousands of hours into her own training to curate a space to authentically help others uncover and celebrate their true selves. Kyla truly believes all the answers lie within you, and with the use of breath, movement, touch, self-reflection, and connection, Kyla has been a guide for many people, from learning dance moves to conquering lifelong fears and limiting beliefs. So who’s Kyla? A lover of social dancing, especially Salsa and Bachata. A singer. A human who’s as playful as she is brave. An absolute dork who loves laughing more than almost anything else. A joyful soul. But most of all, Kyla is someone who loves to watch others step into their power, conquer fears, and simply love themselves a little harder.


Frantz Florin – also known as Franky El Suave – is a Dominican/Haitian professional dancer and instructor in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic since 2016. As a dancer, Franky is able to instantly connect with every partner, bringing an indescribable element of freedom to the dance: “My intention is to make every partner feel confident and free in themselves.” As an instructor, Franky has a natural ability to help students find the feelings behind their steps. In classes, this energy creates a space for students to believe they can truly improve and find their inner confidence. Franky loves building community, and showing people the heart of his home in Las Terrenas feels like a special gift. As a leader, Franky is able to combine passion and professionalism with ease. He’s an all-around beautiful soul whose presence will help you connect with your own.


Sample Daily Schedule


- Morning Meditation, Yoga, Breath, Circle, etc. led by Bethany and Kyla

- Brunch with Group

- Bachata Dance Classes led by Frankie & Kyla

- Free Time or planned Excursions (beach, explore town, visit waterfall, etc.)

- Dinner with Group at local restaurants

- Fun nights out Dancing at local parties, clubs and events

All activities are optional. Participate in as little or as much as you desire.


Escape the dark, cold winter and join our retreat that will leave your skin and soul feeling sun-kissed, your heart open, and your body sensual, all while increasing your skill of traditional bachata, and connecting with a positive, supportive community.