A once-in-a-lifetime 10 day pilgrimage to Egypt



Led by IAYAALIS, Bethany, and Zaahruq, this pilgrimage of a lifetime is curated to accelerate your self-realization as a god in human form - fully human & fully divine.
The land, desert, Nile river, and sacred sites of Egypt will gift you life-altering transmissions to step forward in your Passion and Purpose.
Open to all genders, this mecca creates a container that allows you to more fully integrate the teachings, gnosis, and awakenings you have experienced in your life thus far.
This holy journey will catapult you into fully embracing your Divine Destiny as a leader, midwife, and visionary for the New Earth.
We welcome Ancient Kemet to purify and prepare us to seed a new Golden Age upon the Earth!
What does KMTC QUEST mean? Kemet is an original name for ancient Egypt, and the old language does not use vowels. The Kemetic Quest is truly a quest as this is not a tourist trip, but one your Soul will call you to.


Egypt has been one of the greatest power centers on our planet and the magic there runs deep. There has been Creation magic - but also shadow magic - released and stored within these lands.


Multitudes of lightworkers are recently being called to journey to this power center. I (Bethany) have been wanting to go for years! Finally, in August 2022 I received a “green light” from my Higher Self that it was time to go, and have been dreaming and planning our pilgrimage since. I was also guided to invite IAYALLIS & Zaahruq to co-lead and co-plan. They are a deeply devotional couple who have been studying the Kemetic sciences for 30 years (see their bios).
So, why are lightworkers being called at this time to make pilgrimages to Egypt?  
1. For many, it will be to re-integrate the fragments of their soul that may be scattered throughout Egypt from previous incarnations and karmic contracts.


2. In addition, many lightworkers are called to physically visit this land to activate and release the ancient magic, miracles, and mysteries held within the ancient temples and power sites we will visit.


3. Others may also be called to transmute the remnants of shadow magic held within the land back to Creation magic.
The Earth and humanity are in a time of rapid transformation. The release of the potent love, life-force, and magic held within key sacred sites and land throughout the the Earth requires our service. The time is NOW.
Please note the INITIATIONS 101 Course is a pre-requisite for the KMTC QUEST. Details in the Q&A below.




 Supernal Love Creatrix


IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai is the Creatrix & Co-Founder of Supernal Rootz. She is an Oracle, Shamanic High Priestess of The Word, and emcee of the Esoteric Podcast. She specializes in Metaphysics, Magick, Energy Healing, Intuitive Mastery and Divination.

IAYAALIS is an Indigenous Healing Artist, Wise Woman, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium, and certified holistic Metaphysical Life Coach. She is a Master Energy Healer with Ra Sekhi (Levels 1 & 2) and Reiki Master-Teacher certification. She has been initiated and trained to give Deeksha Oneness Blessing. She has received Tao Blessing and has been initiated into Kriya Yoga.

IAYAALIS offers counsel, content, and classes in the spiritual sciences for insight, direction, & balance in life. She has advised and taught the spiritual mysteries for nearly three decades. Many have triumphed in successfully navigating through various life challenges by way of her guidance.

- I Am You Are And Love IS...!



Bethany Joy

Bethany Joy is the creator of the Priestesses of the New Earth Embodiment Temple, and a passionate teacher, spiritual mentor, and guide. For more than 15 years she has guided fellow lightworkers, starseeds, priestesses and healers to reclaim their innate power and gifts to live as their highest, embodied selves.

Bethany has studied under yogis, shamans, and mystics around the world, yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light – and the immense wisdom we all hold within.

Her certifications include: Naam Yoga & Shakti Naam Therapies, The Kabbalah of Birth & Beyond, Intuitive Life Coaching, The Circle Center, The Khalsa Way, Instant Miracle Mastery, Gyrotonic, among others. She is also a former professional ballerina.

Bethany's courses, retreats and programs guide women to awaken their dormant gifts so they can become the world's leaders of light, truth, and love. She is also the mama to three magical beings. 




Zaahruq is a Co-Founder of Supernal Rootz. He is a Shaman, Magician, Energy Healer, certified Metaphysical Life Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist.

He is a Master Energy Healer with Qi-Gong (Level 1) and Reiki Master-Teacher certification.

He has been initiated and trained to give Deeksha Oneness Blessing.

He has received Tao Blessing and has been initiated into Kriya Yoga.

Zaahruq offers counsel, content, and classes in the spiritual sciences for insight, direction, & balance in life. He has advised and taught Indigenous Technologies for over twelve years.

Many have chosen to live a more optimal life in accordance with nature by way of Zaahruq's magickal support.







  • 10 DAYS / 9 NIGHTS 5-star accommodations*
  • Private, safe transportation to and from airports
  • Temple Escort by Egyptologist Guide
  • Private boat ride along the Nile River
  • Hot Air Balloon ride over the Temples
  • Visit sacred sites and temples such as:
    -The Great Pyramids
    -The Sphinx
    -The Temple of Hathor in Dendera
    -The Temple of Isis in Philae
    -The Karmak Temple & Sehkmet's Sanctuary, and MUCH MORE...
  • (2) local, fresh meals included daily
  • Private, safe ground transportation for all land excursions
  •  Air Transportation from Luxor to Cairo
    *Shared accommodations. Private accommodations are available for an additional fee. Air transportation from your country of origin to Egypt not included.



Each day will include deep spiritual activations as we visit the ancient sites, including sacred ceremonies and meditations held at key temples.


This will be balanced with daily free time for integration, rest, and self-care.


In addition, we will directly experience Egyptian culture through local food, artisan markets, live dance, live music, and more.

10/15 DAY 1


You will be welcomed by escorted arrival from the airport of Luxor to our hotel. 

We start in the beautiful 5-star Joi de Ville Hotel and Spa located on an island oasis of the Nile River.

Relax and enjoy the amenities before our opening dinner and ceremony. 


10/15 DAY 1

Opening dinner and ceremony at Joi de Ville Hotel & Spa.



10/16 DAY 2


 Early morning visit to Karnak, the world’s largest temple, and experience the energies of this expansive testimony to the power of the spirit. Once connected to Luxor Temple, two miles away, by a long avenue of Sphinxes (still partially intact), Karnak is dedicated to the Powers of Creation.

10/16 DAY 2


During our visit to Karnak we will experience the powerful Chapel of Sekhmet, the goddess who represents the potent and purifying energies of the Sun, divine justice, sacred rage, and the burning away of all that is not Truth.

Listen and receive her messages and activations! After, we will visit the newly opened Precinct of Mut, one of the four main temple enclosures that make up the Karnak Temple Complex, to honor more of the divine Sekhmet’s energy.

10/17 DAY 3 


Connect with the Air Element and the healing rays of the early Sun as we experience a bird's eye view of the many temples and sites Luxor has to offer.  These are views you won't soon forget.

10/17 DAY 3 




The Temple of Luxor is in excellent preserved condition and has intact beautiful carvings.


The Temple of Luxor is dedicated to the principle of kingship, where many of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were coronated. The Luxor Temple was dedicated to the Theban Triad – or Holy Family - consisting of Amun, his consort Mut, and their Divine Son Khonsu

10/18 DAY 4


At Dendera we will spend the morning with beloved Hathor, the goddess of love, beauty, music, and dancing and fertility. She is also a healer, and divine partner to Horus. 

Dendera is one of the most preserved temples in all of Egypt, and all of the secrets of the universe are said to be located within this temple as it is packed full of esoteric knowledge and symbols. As you enter the great hypostyle hall, you will be amazed at the exquisite zodiacal cycles and star maps located on the ceiling. 

10/18 DAY 4

In the upper level of the Dendera Temple we will spend time in a special chapel dedicated to the goddess Nut -the Egyptian sky goddess and mother, as well as revel in two rooms that are covered in the resurrection story of Osiris. 

10/19 DAY 5 



We rise early for a comfortable road trip south to Aswan. Here we will visit the EDFU and KOM OMBO Temples. Edfu temple is the best preserved temple of the ancient world consecrated to Horus, the embodiment of the principle of Resurrection.


Next stop is Kom Ombo, a famous healing temple in ancient days and now a gloriously picturesque edifice and energy-filled ruins overlooking a bend on the Nile. We will visit the Temples of Sobek & Horus at Kom Ombo. It is here that the ancient initiates would face and learn how to digest their fear & anger (as represented by the crocodile Neter, Sobek), emotions that can severely inhibit our spiritual growth. 

10/19 DAY 5 


Night at the gorgeous Ben Ben Eco Boutique Hotel, overlooking the Temple of Isis

10/20 DAY 6


A leisurely Boat ride on the Nile in a Felucca – a traditional wooden sailing boat.

10/20 DAY 6


The rest of the day is free time to explore Aswan, go shopping,  or lounge in your gorgeous hotel on the Nile. 

10/21 DAY 7 




The Temple of Isis on the island of Agilkia and is surrounded on all sides by the feminine quality of water of the mystical Nile river. Here we will honor Ausset (Isis) as the Great Mother, Alchemist and Divine Healer. The story of Osiris graces much of the monuments, and he is said to have been buried at Philea. The Sacred Union of Isis and Osiris is honored here at Philea.


For thousands of years the Temple at Philea has been a place of pilgrimage.

10/21 DAY 7 


A 45 min boat ride brings us up the Nile to a Nubian Village where we are privileged to experience Nubian culture and food. 

10/22 DAY 8



Check into our hotel and then visit the epic Khan el-Khalili market in Cairo.

10/22 DAY 8


Dinner out in Cairo enjoying live Egyptian music & dance.

Enjoy a relaxing evening with stunning views of the Pyramids at the Mena House Hotel 

10/23 DAY 9




Visit the Giza Plateau including the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx!


Experience this ancient power center in a conscious and connected way. 

10/23 DAY 9




Final group dinner and closing ceremony

Overnight at the Mena House Hotel.

10/24 DAY 10



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*ADDITIONAL 3.5% FEE for CC charges. To avoid the CC fee you can pay Bethany Directly via Check, Cash, Zelle or Venmo.

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