A once-in-a-lifetime 8 day journey through Egypt


 November 1st - 8th, 2024

( with optional extension through 11/11)

Led by Bethany and Amakizia, this journey will take you Home. As an ancient soul attracted to this land, you most likely have spent time in Ancient Egypt and are hearing her whispers to return. 

Our journey includes a stay on the stunning Mediterranean Sea (Almaza Bay), crossing the desert to the mystical Siwa Oasis, and a mecca to the Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza in Cairo.

Siwa is a true oasis in the middle of the desert. It is home to over 200 natural cold and hot springs that are deeply healing. The oasis supports the cultivation of thousands of date palms and olives, and has multiple pristine, turquoise salt lakes that have a much higher salt  content (95%) than that of the Dead Sea (34%).

"The therapeutic capabilities of these salt lakes are incredible. They're recognized for treating: Sinus problems, Skin problems, and Eye problems...
Psoriasis, Rheumatism, Digestive System Diseases, and Joint Inflammation are also some of the conditions they're used to treat." -prazzlemagazine.com

Think about the energetic vibration of a place like this... and what it represents. 
To be a lush oasis of LIFE surrounded (for hundreds of miles) by an insufferably hot, dry desert.

Imagine the travelers that rested their weary bodies there...who drank to their heart's content and recovered in the healing natural mineral springs and salt lakes.

An Oasis is a refuge teeming with vitality that gives LIFE to all who seek her bounty. We, too, must seek to embody the nourishment of an Oasis for a world filled with very real suffering. We, too, are here to bring LIFE to our surroundings, and seed a new Golden Age upon the Earth.

What makes Siwa even more mystical is that there was a famous Oracle Temple -an oracle being a direct connection to Source - dedicated to Amun-Ra . Pilgrims would travel for months, from as far as Greece and Rome (Alexander the Great being one of them) to receive messages from the Oracle.
We will visit this Oracle temple at sunrise. Travel into the distant past and other dimensions. Were you an oracle priestess for Amun Ra at this temple at one time? Tap into the mystery and remember how to be a pure channel for Light.  


Experience the mystical Siwa Oasis, a refuge in the middle of the Sahara Desert, teeming with vitality that gives LIFE to all who seek her bounty.

We will immerse in this vibration, visiting Cleopatra's Bath (spring), the healing salt lakes and springs, the Oracle Temple of Amun-Ra, and MORE...

Temple Dance


Dance is medicine. This medicine was prevalent throughout the temples of Ancient Egypt. 

During our tour we will have daily morning meditation, dance, breathwork and sound sessions. 

It is time to return to the Dance of the Goddess.



During our time in Cairo we will spend time in the Gaza Plateau, visiting the Great Pyramids & Sphinx.

At night we will have *private access* to the Great Pyramid! This will be a quantum soul activation like no other. 



Bethany Joy


Bethany is the creator of the Priestess School & Sanctuary of the Isis-Magdalene-Rose lineage. For more than 15 years she has guided fellow lightworkers, starseeds, priestesses, and healers to reclaim their innate power and gifts to live as their highest, embodied selves.

Bethany has studied under yogis, shamans, and mystics around the world, yet through it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light ‚Äď and the immense wisdom we all hold within.

Bethany's courses, retreats and programs guide women to awaken their dormant gifts so they can become the world's leaders of light, truth, and love.

Rama Ahmed

Our local guide, Rama, is a passionate and dedicated tour guide who takes great pride in sharing the rich history and cultural heritage of her region with visitors. With her warm and friendly demeanor, Rama goes above and beyond to ensure that every guest has an engaging and memorable experience.

Born and raised in the local community, Rama has an extensive knowledge of the area's landmarks, traditions, and hidden gems. She is enthusiastic about educating travelers and fostering a deeper appreciation for the local way of life.

Rama's infectious enthusiasm and genuine care for her guests make her an invaluable asset to our tours. She is always eager to answer questions, provide insider tips, and go the extra mile to cater to the needs and interests of each individual

In a country where women’s voices can be suppressed, Rama shines and speaks her Truth. Her Joie de Vivre and love of life are infectious.



  Amakizia is a celestial channel and a messenger of the Light. She has spent the last 11 years activating her gifts and supporting many women on this path of remembering their priestess codes.

After multiple lifetimes walking the path of Magic and priestesshood, she invites you to join her on her mission of activating the golden earth. She co-creates with multi-universal beings, including Isis, the Venusians, and the Divine Mother, to serve you and humanity wholeheartedly.

Her devotion is to help every human reactivate their Light Codes and Celestial Remembrance


  • 8 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS accommodations*
  • Private, safe transportation to and from airports
  • Temple Escort by¬†Egyptologist Guide
  • Daily Temple Dance, meditation, movement, breath, ¬†and sound healing.
  • 2 nights in Cairo including
  • Private access to the Great Pyramid
  • Sphinx
  • 2 nights of pure relaxation and rejuvenation on the Mediterranean Sea/ Almaza Bay¬†
  • 3 nights in mystical Siwa Oasis
  • The Oracle Temple of Amun-Ra
  • Salt Lakes -pristine, turquoise salt lakes that have a much higher salt content & healing qualities¬†than that of the Dead Sea.
  • ¬†Sandboarding and 4 wheeling on Dakrour Mountain
  • Bathe in the ritual waters of the Cleopatra's Bath
  • Visit the Mountain of the Dead
  • Stunning Desert Sunsets
  • (2) local, fresh meals included daily
  • Private, safe ground transportation for all land excursions
  • Optional spa services in Almaza Bay & Cairo (additional fee)
    *5-star shared accommodations for 4 nights. Eco village accommodations for the 3 nights in Siwa. Private accommodations are available for an additional fee. Air transportation from your country of origin to Egypt not included.


Each day will include deep spiritual activations as we visit the ancient sites, walk upon the land, and swim in the living waters. Join us in sacred ceremonies and meditations held at key temples, water sources, and ley lines.


This will be balanced with daily free time for integration, rest, and self-care.


In addition, we will directly experience Egyptian culture through local food, artisan markets, live music, and more.

What is Temple Dance?


This Egyptian journey includes a unique element: Temple Dance.

Dance is for everyone.

We all come to earth with our natural gift of dance, channeling the codes of our soul through our bodies, song, and dance.

As we grow up, some of us lose this ability to channel through the body's divine frequencies.

Temple dance is nothing anyone can teach you; it's an opening to your creation source and letting yourself be moved by the unique current.

Our hands and feet create light codes that spiral all over the earth and heavens.

Each of us in the retreat brings a unique core frequency and dance style. This diversity is what creates the magic movements we all share, while others we introduce anew to the group.

No pre-knowledge is needed; just come as you are, and we will unlock together the dance of your Priestess soul!

Nobody can teach you but you, but we can guide you along the way.

When we move to sacred places, we reactivate them with our dance and sacred song. In this retreat, we have the incredible chance to be alone in the great pyramid and to open her big power with our voice and dance.

Every human is a temple dancer and singer; simply allow your beautiful temple body to be moved in a sacred way.

The effect of our free movement and open heart ripple through Earth, brightening and enlightening more than we can imagine!

11/01 DAY 1


  • You will be met by one of our representatives in the airport to seamlessly and quickly guide you¬†through immigration.

  • 11am - our chartered bus will drive from Cairo to Almaza Bay - 6 hours.¬†

  • Relax overnight at¬†Jaz Almaza Hotel & Spa - a 5 star hotel on the Mediterranean Sea.¬†


11/02 DAY 2

  • Relax and Rejuvenate at Almaza Bay with morning meditation, temple dance and sound healing. Enjoy the pristine white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters. (Almaza Bay is often compared to the Maldives for it's beauty)

  • Afternoon drive to Siwa Oasis to begin our Siwa Adventure - 4 hours.

  • Overnight at Talist Siwa Hotel.

11/03 DAY 3 
  Siwa Tour

  • Start the morning with meditation, dance and sound healing.¬†

  • ¬†After, our Egyptologist will guide us in a four-wheel drive vehicle to explore the great sand sea. ¬†Our desert safari adventure includes traveling through the golden sand dunes arriving at an area of fossils in the sea of sand looking out over the rocky coral reefs which date back to¬†a time when this area was covered by the ocean.

  • Our next stop will be the charming sites of this beautiful lake in the middle of the desert. If you are lucky you might see the flamingos in their natural habitat. Then take a plunge in the waters of Siwa‚Äôs lakes. You choose between the cool or warm waters of the beautiful aqua lakes turning your adventure in the desert into a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

  • As we travel past Dakrour mountain, we will enjoy Siwa's sandboarding experience. After sandboarding we will wash up in the hot springs at the renowned Bir Wahid for calming of one‚Äôs muscles.

  • To top the evening off enjoy another amazing Sunset sipping Bedouin Tea at the Great Sand Sea dunes.

11/04 DAY 4

Siwa Tour

  • Breakfast at the Hotel

  • After breakfast at the Hotel, we visit Cleopatra‚Äôs Pool. Originally called The Well of the Sun, this was a place the pilgrims visited to cleanse before they visited the famous Oracle Temple of Amun-Ra. Here we will swim and conduct ceremony.

  • Next, we will visit the Mountain of the Dead,¬†enjoy a lovely lunch at a local restaurant and continue to ¬†Shali City.

11/05 DAY 5 

Oracle Temple of Amun Ra

  • Oracle temple private visit at sunrise. Travel into the distant past and other dimensions. Were you an oracle priestess for Amun Ra at this temple at one time? Tap into the mystery and remember how to be a pure channel for Light.¬†

  • Drive to Almaza Bay.

  • Overnight at¬†Jaz Almaza Hotel 5 star hotel & spa on the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Gorgeous dinner and Siwa de-brief together.


11/06 DAY 6

Deeply relax and unwind on the Mediterranean Sea. Optional spa services available.


Drive to Cairo.


Overnight at a beautiful 5-star hotel with pyramid views!

11/07 DAY 7 


Cairo! We will spend the day exploring the Gaza Plateau, visiting the Sphinx and Pyramids, and even enjoying a camel ride.

At night we have PRIVATE ACCESS to the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This will be a mystical and life-changing experience like no other! More details and how to prepare to come...


11/08 DAY 8


Breakfast at the hotel 


Departure to home country...unless you are joining our Luxor extension see below)


The ancient connection between Kemet (Ancient Egypt), Atlantis & Lemuria

Long before our time, and even before ancient Egyptian times, there were times when humans lived in absolute harmony with each other, the water and animal kingdoms.

Many parts of Egypt were, at some point, underwater, and you will see how many fossils we will find when we go into the desert surrounding Siwa or the Giza Plateau.

When in the Siwa Oasis, we can feel the magic of the ancient lands under our feet, smell the salt of the mermaids in the desert, and remember together what it means to be in union with life and each other.

Get ready to embark on a journey of reconnection with Atlantis and Lemuria, guided by Amakizia and Bethany in this sacred retreat.

Much wisdom will be shared; many are things have never been written down, but live in the hearts of the ancient ones. Join us and receive the knowledge directly from the land and your guides.


Optional Luxor Extension with Bethany
November 8th - 11th

(In-country flights from Cairo to Luxor and vice versa not included - they run about $100/$150 each)

Day 8


Visit the epic Khan el-Khalili market in Cairo. Score the most exquisite gifts and keepsakes.


Evening flight to Luxor.


Overnight at the beautiful Amour-Ra Villa & Retreat Center in Luxor run by Akara Sophia, a friend and  mentor of Bethany.

Day 9


At Dendera, we will spend the morning with beloved Hathor, the goddess of love, beauty, music, and dancing and fertility, and sacred consort to Horus. 

Dendera is one of the most preserved temples in all of Egypt, and all of the secrets of the universe are said to be located within this temple as it is packed full of esoteric knowledge and symbols. As you enter the great hypostyle hall, you will be amazed at the exquisite zodiacal cycles and star maps located on the ceiling. There is also a small Temple to Isis on the grounds.

Abydos, the temple to Osiris is probably the most sacred/mystical of any temple in Egypt.

Relish in the energy of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Union. We will also visit the powerful Atlantean temple behind Abydos ‚ÄúThe Osirion‚ÄĚ which has the famed flower of life engravings.¬†

Day 10


Connect with the Air Element and the healing rays of the early Sun as we experience a bird's eye view of the many temples and sites Luxor has to offer.  These are views you won't soon forget.

Visit a Sacred Oil Shop in downtown Luxor and receive a lecture and healing by a Sufi Mystic and healer, Adele. Bless yourself and loved ones by bringing home high-vibrational local Egyptian oils, incense and teas, such as frankincense, oud, rose, lotus, spikenard and more...


Traveling on the beloved Nile River is a must when visiting Egypt! Her medicine and song will serenade and soothe your Soul.

We will close this sweet day with a leisurely sunset dinner on the Nile in a¬†Felucca¬†‚Äď a traditional wooden sailing boat.

Day 11

Breakfast at our Luxury villa.


Flight from Luxor to Cairo and then back to your Home!



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*ADDITIONAL 3.5% FEE for CC charges. To avoid the CC fee you can pay Bethany Directly via Check, Cash, Zelle or Venmo

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