Spring Equinox Ceremony & Ritual

*Free for Priestesses of the New Earth Members

March 21st from 7:30-9pm CST. LIVE via Zoom



 I don't know about you, but January 1st - the dead of Winter - usually feels like a heavy time to set intentions. For me, aligning with the ENERGETIC NEW YEAR of the Spring Equinox feels like the most potent time to plant seeds. And it is!!


The Spring Equinox equates new life and birth. When we align with the natural rhythms of Creation, we reap enormous benefits. And when we offer our gratitude to Creation, we reap even greater benefits.


One way to honor the Spring Equinox is via a Despacho Ceremony.


What is a Despacho? A Despacho is a prayer bundle offering that is created from biodegradable items such as flowers, berries, feathers, food, crystals/stones, sugar, salt, shells, etc. This prayer bundle is then buried in the Earth, burnt in sacred flames, gifted to the waters, or otherwise offered.


A Despacho is lovingly created and then offered in ceremony to Mother Earth and the elements. This act of love and gratitude heals us by restoring the connection that we share with All-that-Is. Everything that we have offered in love and gratitude to Mother Earth returns to us multiplied.


JOIN ME in this sacred ceremony during the Spring Equinox portal on Tuesday 3/21 from 7:30-9pm. Read more below.


This will be RECORDED if you cannot make it Live via Zoom.


*You may even want to save the recording to do this beautiful ceremony with your children, friends or partner during this Spring Equinox week.


Honor our Earth Mother and Birth Yourself Anew

Create a Despacho prayer bundle: an expression of love and gratitude to Mother Earth

Receive Activations to Birth Yourself Anew, and rise up to your internal gifts, longings and calling

Experience the power of CEREMONY to renew your hope when you feel discouraged and hopeless

Spiritually, the Spring Equinox is a beautiful opportunity to honor Mother Earth and our inner desires.


I was first led through a beautiful Despacho Ceremony in 2014 on the Spring Equinox in Peru at the Moray site – which is said to be the energetic “womb” of the Earth. 

Before the ceremony we went to the local market and collected heaps of flowers, medicinal herbs, fresh food, and other offerings.

Once we arrived at the sacred site of Moray the local Shaman and guides guided us in cleansing ourselves using indigenous herbs, songs and incantations.

After each member of the group had been cleansed, we created a Despacho together – a beautiful mandala of organic items to represent our deep gratitude and love for Pachamama -Mother Earth- and the bounty and beauty she provides. 

To finish the ceremony the Despacho is then buried within Earth, burnt in sacred flames, or otherwise offered.

A Despacho Ceremony is an act of love and gratitude that heals us by restoring the connections that we share with All.



As the Despacho (prayer/gratitude bundle you have created) is offered, Mother Earth transmutes and consumes any dark, disorganized energy while simultaneously releasing light, healing energy to all corners of the Universe. 

In addition, AAALLLLL that you have offered in gratitude - flowers representing beauty, spices representing passion, crystals representing clarity, food representing abundance, etc... ALL of that is returned to you, multiplied!!!

So, we offer in the absolute spirit of the deepest gratitude and love...reviewing the past year and THANKING Creation for our plenty. We do not offer to ask for something in return, but the beauty of this act is that all-of-Creation blesses us back for that which we offer. And isn't that the secret to living a gratitude-filled existence?

The collective birth of the New Earth is HERE. You may be experiencing feelings of self-doubt, discouragement and defeat. You are not alone, wise woman. Unite this day in Sisterhood and Divine Feminine Rising to re-birth anew and rise up to your innate gifts, longings and calling.


Change starts here. With gratitude, intention, and an open heart. 

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JOIN US & Save your Seat to the event led by Bethany Joy


This will be RECORDED if you cannot make it LIVE via Zoom

(Free for the Priestesses of the New Earth Members)



A Note From Bethany...


Bethany is the founder of Bethany Joy and creator of the Priestess of the New Earth Embodiment Temple. She is also a passionate teacher, spiritual mentor and guide. For more than 15 years, she has guided lightworkers, starseeds, empaths, and earth angels to reclaim their feminine power, and live their highest, embodied selves. 

Bethany has studied under yogis, shamans, indigenous peoples, and mystics around the world. She is passionate about guiding women in their path to awakening their dormant gifts so that they can become leaders of light, spirit and love.

Today Bethany leads courses, retreats and classes for women who are seeking to live a more empowered, truth-filled and joyful life. This brings her great joy.

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- Testimonials -


Participating in Bethany's courses have truly been the most transformative things I have every done for myself. I feel like I am awake to my life for the first time. Bethany lovingly teaches you how to trust and love yourself, which I believe is the greatest gift there is. 

-Rachel Snyder 


Bethany is a master at holding space for women's transforamtion. The meditation and the spiritual tools that I have learned form her have been life changing. Creating a daily, consistent medication practice has transformed how I move through the world. And, best of all, the women I have met through Bethany's programs have become my lifelong tribe of dearest friends!
-Lyle Harvey


I have utter gratitude and joy for you and all you have taught me about yoga and mindfulness, grounding and humility, and how to have a better connection with this earth I am wandering.
-Adelaide L.