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The Winter Solstice:

Embracing the Dark and Welcoming the Light


The Winter Solstice is a time to pay homage to the darkness,

reflect on that which has passed,

and welcome the returning light.


The Winter Solstice is one of the 4 most powerful days of the year, marking the darkest, or shortest, day of light in the Northern Hemisphere. 

It is during this potent time that we find sanctity in the Dark, the Void, and the Mysteries dwelling within our shadow human aspects. These dimensions are not only holy and precious but also hold the deepest forms of medicine. Especially now! Especially at this time on the planet, my fellow Lightworkers.


How is rich, dark, nutrient-dense soil created? 

It is born from death.  


 The fertile, black soil of our lives is comprised of the decomposition and transformation of death, of the muck, the ugly, the hard and the painful.

The dark times actually create the perfect environment and catalyst for profound growth and new beginnings. Our fears, struggles and dark nights -when embraced - are the very elements that foster the emergence of New Life.

Have you experienced any of this this past year? I know I sure have!

When we can accept and bow to the dark or heavy experiences - instead of falling victim to them - we can then utilize this medicine/compost. Compost that is chock-full of all the minerals, elements and nutrients that create the ideal fertile conditions for growth, new Life, and new beginnings. 


We are the alchemists that transmute adversity and death into the sweetest medicine and nectar, not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the world. 



Free Winter Solstice Ceremony

Live on Zoom. Pre-registration required.

The Winter Solstice Ceremony with Bethany allows you to honor & bless the closings, completions and initiations life has brought you through in 2023.

  • What gifts were bestowed upon you?
  • What was taken from you?
  • What or whom did you release?
  • What new knowledge did you gain?
  • What novel experiences shaped your journey?

During our Winter Solstice Ceremony we will anoint that which has passed in deep gratitude, extracting its profound teachings to pave the way for 2024.

That which has occurred this past year creates the essential nutrient-rich compost that feeds the new seeds germinating in the dark, dense soil of your heart.

It is essential to honor, bless and celebrate endings. If not, we create an energy leak and do not allow the NEW to enter.

It is also essential to fully embrace and integrate the initiations we have been brought through this past year. 

We live in a culture where only EXPANSION is celebrated. Yet there is no expansion without contraction. There is no sprout - and subsequent bloom - without germination of the seed in the dark.

When we do not fully embrace the Winters of our life we do not reap alllll the goodness that comes from them. 

To fully embrace, bless, and release that which has occurred in your 2023 opens the space - like a vacuum - for the NEW to enter.

During our Winter Solstice Ceremony we will harness the power of this day to amplify your conscious intentions of closure, completion, gratitude and new beginnings. 

Your guide:

Bethany Joy

Bethany Joy is the creator of the Priestesses of the New Earth Embodiment Temple, and a passionate teacher, spiritual mentor, and guide. For more than 15 years she has guided lightworkers, starseeds, empaths and healers to reclaim their innate power and spiritual gifts to live as their highest, embodied selves.

Save your seat to the Winter Solstice Ceremony


  • Day: Friday, December 22nd
  •  Time: 7pmCST
  • Cost: FREE. You must Pre-register.
  • Where: LIVE on Zoom (will be recorded, as well)


Free Winter Solstice Ceremony

Live on Zoom. Pre-registration required.


Join me for a Live (via Zoom) WINTER SOLSTICE Ceremony* on Friday 12/22 at 7pmCT.

You will need:

  • a candle
  • a bowl or fire to burn in
  • paper & pen
  • flowers (any kind)

*It will be recorded if you cannot make it live, but you must pre-register


Free Winter Solstice Ceremony

Live on Zoom. You must Pre-register here.