Naam Yoga

Do you feel as if you are in a period of intense change or crisis? Do you sometimes feel that the pressure of these changes may crush you? If so, know that you are not alone. We are all going through it! Ours is a time of rapid change, evolution and expansion. These changes, although overwhelming, are not in your life to crush you, but to swiftly bring you to a new level of growth, freedom, expansion, and health.
Naam yoga addresses the stress on our nervous system, and the heaviness of our hearts, during times of change and crisis. In only one Naam session, your spirit will be elevated, your heart soothed, and a shift in your relationship to your current circumstance will occur.
We are now in a new Era of Community. We are not meant to go through these challenges alone, but are meant to be supported, and in turn support others, who are passing through the fire.

What is Naam Yoga?

Naam Yoga is the practice of opening the heart, increasing intuition, and stimulating self-healing of the body and mind. Your Naam Yoga practice will cultivate the fearlessness to face negativity and transmute it into positivity for yourself, others and the situations that you face.
Naam Yoga is a dynamic fusion of Eastern yogic wisdom and the Western practice of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, or Universal Kabbalah. It incorporates the practice of divine sound (Naam) with yogic movement, stretching postures, breathing, mudra and meditation. Through the practice of Naam Yoga, the self-healing mechanisms of the body are activated, restoring health, youth and balance.