Meditation and Self Care for Women

90 Day program

9/30 - 12/2

You know that feeling you have when someone is in love with you? And they tell you all the amazing qualities that they see in you and you start to blossom like a flower? You start to actually believe that you Are worthy of this love and adoration..that yeah, you are pretty amazing. And then you expand in every way and life becomes magical...

Well, imagine if you could have that kind of feeling about yourself and life all of the time? Not dependent upon another person, not dependent upon outward affirmation and praise, just an authentic love of yourself and life. Take a second to imagine how that would feel...

Love is expansive and in that heart-centered state we become a magnet for more love and life-affirming experiences. Life becomes synchronistic and mirrors the internal state that we feel.

For many years I felt absolutely depleted and sleep-deprived. Because of my state, not only did I suffer, but so did my children and those around me. I remember feeling completely defeated. I hated the way I felt, but most of all I hated the way I lost patience with my children.

A few years ago I made some significant changes in my life, as well as small, daily, incremental changes.

First, I started a consistent meditation practice. This grounded and connected me with my inner guidance and wisdom, brought great inner peace and helped me answer and face many of my issues. 

Second, I started asking myself what truly brought my soul JOY.  I then started bringing more of that joy-juice in. I incorporated self-love practices. I let go of people and relationships that weren't aligned with my highest good. I established healthy boundaries with others, as well as listened and obeyed my intuition and gut.

By changing my daily habits and thoughts, my life began to change.

Life is based on our habits. Our habits define us to ourselves and to other people. By our habits, we live in peace and happiness. By our habits, we create misery and pain.  When we change our habits, everything around us can change. (

The whole "self-love" theme may seem like another new age-y trend, but let me tell you, it is one of the most transformative, life-changing journeys you will ever embark upon. Every choice you make will now come from self-love and self-respect. The way you see yourself and others will change. Feeling joy will become a part of your daily life. 

That’s why I’ve created this 90 day Meditation and Self-Care Course for Women. In this supportive group of women I will teach you how to create the space in your life to live a balanced, fulfilled joyous life. It really is possible, but it takes intentional and pro-active change.

Want change but don't know where to start? No problem.

This 90 day program will teach you how to:

  • Set up a meditation space

  • Establish your own meditation practice

  • Quiet the overactive mind

  • Minimize anxiety and depression

  • Cultivate self-care practices

  • Remember and incorporate what brings you Joy

  • Create more time in your life

  • Overcome self-sabotage

  • Overcome stressful habits

  • Promote healthy sleep

Support includes:

  • Personalized self-care practices

  • Bi-weekly online meetings Mondays at 8:00pmCST*

  • Customized Daily Meditation Practice

  • Unlimited email support

  • Music for your meditation 

  • BONUS! 1 ticket to 3 day retreat with Bethany in Nashville, TN January 2020 - $495 Value. 

*9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/4, 11/18, 12/2, 12/16. All meetings will be recorded, so you can review the video if you miss a meeting or want to go over material. 

Invite friends and family to join you on this journey!


$495 when paid in full, or (3) payments of $165.