9 Month Women's Empowerment Course(s)

The standard of success in life isn’t the things. 
It isn’t the money or the stuff. 
It is absolutely the amount of JOY that you feel. 
–A. Hicks
Do you know what the energetic vibration of 2018 is? The energetic vibration of 2018 is 11. The number 11 represents self mastery, illumination, inspiration and enlightenment. 
So, what does that mean to you and I? It means that 2018 is a time to move into self mastery. We can either have the Universe and Life push us into self-mastery or we can step UP, take the risk, take charge of our lives and surrender to the Universe. 2018 can teach us that WE are the creators of our destiny. We are creator beings in a body and everything is possible. It means that no one is going to do your healing for you (no teacher, therapist, shaman, healer, ect).  They can help, guide, support and show you the way, but no one is going to learn your lessons for you. The only way is to take a deep breath, “set your face like flint” and walk through it.. 


How to Awaken your Intuition

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

-Albert Einstein

Intuition is an innate gift we all carry, yet how many of us utilize this gift to its fullest capacity? We have all felt that gut feeling that something’s not quite right, have gotten goose bumps at auspicious times, or had hunches that we just can’t explain. How many times have we said, “If only I had listened to my intuition!” or “I knew I shouldn’t have, and now I’m paying the price!”.

Did you know that your intuition is your birth rite? It is one of your innate senses, just like taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. Someone who is intuitive is not “special” or extraordinary. YOU, too, have these abilities.

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Meditation for Beginners: 

6 weeks to Freedom


“Life is based on our habits. Our habits define us to ourselves and to other people. By our habits, we live in peace and happiness. By our habits, we create misery and pain.  When we change our habits, everything around us can change.” (3HO.org)

Meditation is my anchor, my medicine, my eye-opener and inspiration-receiver. In my meditation I daily drink in light and love. I face and calm my fears. I receive answers to all of my questions. I clean out worries, doubts and insecurities.  I strengthen my aura so that I repel negativity and attract positivity. I visualize what I want for the day, therefor setting in motion the energies of the day in my favor. 

I have received countless messages when I sit and listen. I have received mind-blowing inspirations. I have received answers to daunting questions. I have received messages about how to support my body to have optimal health. I have received shifts in perspective that alter my decisions and therefor the course of my life. 

More than all, I have learned to TRUST. To trust God. To trust my intuition. To trust myself. To trust that –through my very own heart - I have a direct link to all of the wisdom of the ages...

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 Gray Bear Goddess Gathering

*this retreat sold out in 2017 and is filling up very quickly! $100 deposit required to register.


A weekend devoted to nourishment and self-love led by Bethany Joy and Jessalynn Hakanson. Celebrate the strength and compassion of women in a beautiful weekend away. This is an invitation to settle into self love, cultivate stillness through the serenity of Gray BearRetreat Center, savor the nourishment of vegetarian meals prepared with love, and transform through Nature, Yoga and Meditation.

Mothers, sisters, daughters, and women of all stages and ages welcome!  

Nourish and replenish YOURSELF as you bask in this breathtaking natural environment and the community of other women. 

The weekend includes:


- Organic world class vegetarian meals from the center's garden 

- Yoga and meditation practices with Bethany and Jessalynn. 

- Relaxation/free time to enjoy the amenities and beauty of GrayBear such as reflective walks and hikes, a wood fired sauna/spring fed cold plunge, an outdoor natural hot tub, refreshing waterfalls and more.

Massage therapist and Watzu practitioners are available during the weekend by appointment.

Arrival: Friday, April 27th between 2-4pm. (or optional extended weekend arriving Thursday*)

Departure: Sunday April 29th @ 2:00pm.

Only 2 hours from Nashville!


Early Bird price: $395 for the weekend shared lodging with Friday arrival between 2:00-4:00pm. 

*Early Bird price: $495 for the *extended weekend shared lodging Thursday arrival between 4:00-6:00pm.

**Lodging upgrades to private cabins available by request and at an additional cost.

$100/non-refundable deposit required to hold registration

Early Bird Full payment required by April 1, 2018 Late Registration and payments after April 1, 2018 will go up to $435 for the Weekend Lodge rates and $535 for (Thursday arrival) extended Weekend Lodge rates. *upgrade charges for private cabins will apply and stay at specified rate. 
 Contact Jessalynn at 615-878-9642 for questions and payment.

Gray Bear Lodge

P.O. Box 682

Hohenwald, TN


Only a 2 hour drive from Nashville!