Embody Joy™

9-month Women’s Empowerment Course


While developing this course I sat down, meditated and asked Source, “What is the most deep and thorough way to bring women into empowerment? How can I help bring women into a place where they are the masters of their destiny and they are living a life overflowing with Joy, health and power?”

Immediately I received the answer to create a comprehensive program - and entire 9 month program using all of the tools that have brought me to my own place of empowerment: meditation, yoga, joy-practices, self-care and self-love practices, women’s circles, shamanic (indigenous) ceremonies, immersion experiences and energetic clearing.  Yet there was one additional element that was very important: working with the chakras in a very thorough and methodical way to clear and balance these vital energy centers to bring the chakras (and the whole woman) into unwavering balance and vitality.

At your very core you are a vibrant, healthy, beautiful being of light!  Your true essence is one of Joy!! We just have to clear the junk to get you there.

You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting, more than life itself, because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you through which this Source Energy flows. You are God. You are Source. You are creator. -Abraham-Hicks

Take a minute and slowly re-read that quote above, again. Isn’t it wonderful?? That we want  - more than anything else – to adore ourselves?! That at our very core we are Source energy; we are liquid love and light. Do you believe that about yourself??

What you will experience in EMBODY JOY:


  • Build an unwavering TRUST in yourself and the Universe. Can you imagine what that will feel like? To have an unwavering trust that ALL is working for your good, that you are forever and always cradled in the palm of the Creator, that the world is a safe place to thrive, and that you can trust…Aahhhhh deep exhale…


  • After this section you will know in your very DNA that you are WORTHY of all the love, abundance and joy Life has to offer. No more feeling unworthy and undervalued. No more making choices from those lower energies. You will embody the Queen you are and only make choices and decisions that align with her radiance.


  • Discover to whom, where, when and how you give your power away. Learn tools to take your power back in every situation. Learn the tools of how to contain your energy/life force before it is syphoned by others. Connect to your personal power and umbilical cord to unlimited Source energy. You are a Goddess and now embody this energy.


  • After this section you will have a deep love and adoration for every aspect of yourself. What a breath of fresh air from the constant inner critic, yes?! You will open your continuous connection to the unlimited spring of Love. Feel this love overflow to all who come in contact with you.


  • Be able to hear your own truth and discern between your own voice and truth and that of others. Step into a deep inner Knowing of your Truth, inner wisdom and intuition.


  • Believe and embody that you are a being of Light in a human body. You are capable of absolutely anything. You are Light manifest in physical form. (Again, read the quote up above ;)


  • 9 Monthly LIVE (with Bethany) online sessions. These will take place (1) Sunday per month on the Zoom App from 2-4pm and include teaching on the themes above and chakras, women’s circle, sisterhood, community and encouragement. These are recorded if you miss any. 

  • 9 Monthly LIVE online review and Q&A meetings. These will take place (1) Monday evening per month. These are recorded if you miss any. Dates TBA

  • 2 day LIVE retreat.

  • Daily meditation and yogic practices (15 minutes minimum per day)

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Unlimited email support with Bethany

Embody Joy Women's Empowerment Course is for you if you are ready to make this THE YEAR that you clean and clear the blocks that are holding you back and move into a state of freedom, joy and empowerment. From here you will easily manifest your dreams and desires.